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The Green Ambassador, an award-winning environmentalist, has industry-insider’s knowledge of thousands of Green Dollars that are available to help you Green-UP your home purchase. Let the Green Ambassador show you how to take advantage of eco-funding, tax credits, grants, rebates and special incentives to help create ecological balance when buying a home, while still maintaining financial stability.

Cathy Allen, The Green Ambassador, is certified internationally with EcoBroker® to address, encourage and promote energy-efficiency in homes, buildings and land. Cathy is a Certified License Realtor® with Maryland Real Estate Commission and is a Buyer’s Agent at Taylor Properties®.

Find out about energy-efficient mortgages, rebates, and other incentives that can help you realize your dream of owning a green home

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Green Home Buying

Home Buying the Green Way – Find Energy-efficient Mortgages, Rebates & More

Home Buyers Can Get Up to $30,000.00 to Purchase Their Homes.

Focus: Home Buying the Green Way

The Green Ambassador is a Realtor Buyer’s Agent who can not only help you find the perfect home, but also offers a variety of real estate consulting services to help you make your dream a reality.

Realtor Buyer’s Agent and Real Estate Consulting Services include:

✓ Energy Efficient Mortgage Funding

✓ Energy Audits of the Home

✓ Energy Efficient Rebates

✓ Environmental State and Local Tax Credits & Waivers

✓ Plant life selection and eco-home practices incentives

✓ Realtor® Buyer’s Agent

Home Buying the Green Way – Make Your Green Dream a Reality

Home Buyers in today’s real estate market are in an extremely unique position. Climate change and its impact on the environment is driving a move to greener alternative sources of energy and energy-efficient appliance. By opting for renewable energy, home buyers can save up to $15,000 during the lifespan of their mortgage, just in energy costs alone.

It is possible for home buyers to gain access to $7,500 available in local and state grant funds to help cover the costs of energy-efficiency improvements, along with bonuses totaling over $10,000 in tax credits, rebates and state waivers. Additional environmental tax credits and local/state environmental grants can contribute an additional $5,000 worth of green dollars or more.

Why Should You Believe Me? Read How I Helped Victoria Buy A Home The Green Way

CASE STUDY: Walking The Green Carpet of Green Cash" – Learn how Cathy assisted her client Victoria, a first-time home buyer, who received $15,000 in closing costs, a new energy-efficient furnace at seller’s cost price, and an additional $15,000 of savings over the life of her mortgage — saving her a total of $37,000. Read the full story.