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Environmental Consulting Services

Are you itching to get your green fingers to work in your home garden, your business or in open communal spaces, but not sure where to start? Have you ever contemplated starting your own green business but need some guidance? The Green Ambassador can provide you with the knowledge and help you need to get started along the green path.

Cathy Allen, The Green Ambassador is certified internationally with EcoBroker® to address, courage and promote energy-efficiency in homes, buildings and land. As a Bay-Wise® Landscape Manager with University of Maryland, Cathy is certified to deem landscapes and practices that promote a healthier Chesapeake Bay. A Maryland Master Gardener with University of Maryland, Cathy also serves as the Chair of the “Grow It! Eat It!” agriculture campaign, University of Maryland-Baltimore City Extension.


‘Good Food Practices in Harvesting’- Maryland Department of Agriculture. She is also certified to train individuals, farms, schools, and organizations on how to safely harvest vegetables and herbs for consumption and sale.




Choosing the Right Plant Life and Implementing Smart Energy-efficient Practices Results in Green Gains (cash savings)

Focus: Environmental Energy-efficiency for Homes, Buildings and Land

Consulting Highlights include:

  • Overview of Local, State and Federal Environmental Tax Credits, Incentives and Waivers, as well as Bay-Wise Certification.
  • Plant Selection for Buildings, Residential Properties and Landscaping Projects, aimed at maximizing Tax Credits and Incentives
  • Outlining a Planting and Maintenance Scheduling for Landscaping




Growing Made Simple…….Naturally! Let the Green Ambassador Help you Plan your Garden

Focus: Residential Gardening – Container gardening, Beds and Landscaping

Consulting Highlights include:

  • Planting Plan for: vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs
  • Maintenance Planting Plan for 3 years for landscaping, trees, & shrubs
  • Maintenance Planting Plan for spring, summer, and fall planting cycles
  • Food Safety Plan for harvesting and storage of vegetables and herbs
  • Plant Clinic to diagnose plant diseases, providing eco-friendly remedies and solutions



Choosing the Right Plant Life can Reduce your Landscaping Maintenance Costs by 30%

Focus: Commercial Landscaping – Container Gardens and Landscapes

Consulting Highlights include:

  • Plant Selection for Commercial Buildings and Landscapes that maximizes tax credits and incentives
  • 3-year Planting and Maintenance Schedule for landscapes
  • Plant Clinic to diagnose plant diseases, providing eco-friendly remedies and solutions
  • Landscape consulting for Bay-Wise Certification



Home Energy Audit & Sustainable Modeling

Home Buyers Can Get Up to $30,000.00 Towards the Purchase of Their Homes

Focus: Home Buying the Green Way

Realtor Buyer’s Agent and Real Estate Consulting include:

  • Energy Efficient Mortgage Funding
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Efficient Rebates
  • Environmental State and Local Tax Credits & Waivers
  • Plant life selection and eco-home practices incentives
  • Realtor® Buyer’s Agent


Eco-Business / Entrepreneurship

Start Your Own Environmental Business

Focus: Environmental Entrepreneurship

Consulting/Program Highlights include:

  • Training in Horticulture, Agriculture and Ecology
  • Development of Product/s and/or Service/s
  • Assistance with Product Pitch and Launch


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