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                                                           Gardening is Good Medicine®


Gardening is Good Medicine®,is a holistic, and therapeutic gardening program that focuses on preventative health and healthy nutritional practices for people living with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.


Gardening is Good Medicine®, is an eight week, 90-minute hands-on gardening experience for all ages, and people with limited mobility.

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Gardening is Good Medicine®, provides a ‘learning lab’ where participants engage in practical applications of growing and cultivating healthy organic edibles that helps the participants to reduce their risk or helps them self-manage their chronic conditions.


Gardening is Good Medicine®, also offer a nurturing, healing space filled with beautiful fragrant blooms that stimulates all five senses, promoting mental and spiritual balance.
Participants are taught through hands-on implementation, how to grow and prepare beneficial organic herbs, vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers that enhance memory and cognitive recovery; improving blood glucose levels and lowering the risk of stokes.

Gardening is Good Medicine® Environmental Gardening Programming includes:

Environmental Education


  • 8-Week Hands-on Planting Curriculum Timeline
  • On-site Master Gardener Instructor
  • Take-Home Planting Exercises
  • 30-minute Plant Lecture per week
  • Plant Information Booklet
  • Plant Maintenance Guide
  • Gardening Tools & Gloves
  • Plant Life
  • Raw Materials
  • Recap Newsletter
  • Free Membership

Curriculum Investment: $8,000


Gardening is Good Medicine® program has been developed by Cathy Allen, The Green Ambassador and The Green Ambassador.org, LLC. Maryland’s Top Urban Environmentalist, Master Gardener-University of Maryland, Awarding Winning Environmentalist, Published Environmental Columnist, Bay Wise Landscape Manager, Co-Creator of G.R.A.S.S. (Growing Resources After Sowing Seed) an environmental entrepreneurial nonprofit program based on the fundamentals of gardening, agriculture and ecology and credited with spearheading over half-million trees planted on the lawns of Baltimore City Public Schools.

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